After 10 years of marriage, the pregnancy happened. Jamai Raja's Actress.
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TV Actress Sarah Arfeen Khan is in a lot of headlines these days  The TV show Jamai Raja, the actress is enjoying her pregnancy these days.  There are many actresses in the TV industry who are enjoying their pregnancy, now the name of Sarah is added to this list.  Sara Arifin Khan is expacting her first baby after 10 years of marriage.  In 2009, Arifin Khan was tied in marriage.

 In an interview, Sarah said: "Baby will be wellcome in July, we are very excited about the baby, daughter or son does not make any difference to us. We thank God for this beautiful gift, a lot of changes from this baby.  Has started coming.

 This is a very personal matter and I only shared it with very close friends and family.  I'm in London from February  Sara has worked in Shia's Ram, Zindagi Vince, Agent Raghav, Kya Suni, Luv Ka Rukhaar, as well as shows.  He got good recognition from the serial Jamai Raja.  Sara has also tried in Bollywood.  Sarah Total has also appeared in films like Syapa and Payback.

 Let us tell you these days, actress Mahi Vij and actor Jai Bhanushali, who will be known for their TV, are also going to be parents.  Let's tell you that these couples have already become the parents of both the children, Jay and Mahi have adopted a son and daughter.

 Indeed, these two children have been partially adopted by Jay and Mahi.  Both of these children live with their parents, but their studies and other expenses raise the cost of Jay and Mahi.  Both of these children belong to their caretaker.  From childhood Mahi's family had a caretaker.  After marrying Jay Bhanushali in 2011, the caretaker also stayed in Mahi's house.