De De Pyaar De review: Ajay Devgan's film will not be able to give love even by wishing you!
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What do you remember when you think of Ajay Devgan's films?  His action movies such as Singham and go into comedy if the breakup franchisee!  But what if Ajay Devgn should be put in a film of Kartik Aryan and it should be said that go son come with something.  If this happens in the right way then what will happen?  Will the film give me love and what will become!

 As soon as the director of Akiv Ali's film De De Pyaar De starts, you feel that you are watching a movie made by Lav Ranjan.  Why?  Probably because this movie was written by Love Ranjan.  While in the films of Love Rangan, we have heard a lot of sexist jokes while comedy is good in Ajay Devgan's films, and only this is done by giving it love to me.  This movie is fun but not completely.

 This is the story of Ashish (Ajay Devgn) and Ayesha (love of Rakul) who live in London who love each other.  Although the beginning of their love story was not good enough, because in the first meeting with Ashish, Ayesha was drunk in liquor and became unconscious.  Not only that, when he sensed then he saw that he was without clothing on someone else's bed, so he thought that what happened between people (hey, sex man).  Just go back to Ayesha, Ashish and told her that whatever has happened among us, it would be good but do not expect anything further from me.  Ashish told him that I did not get the benefit of unconscious girls, then Ayesha said, now you have got a chance from your hand because I will not meet you in the senses.

 Now tell me that if someone in your unconscious takes advantage of you, then what do they say?  Tell me!

 Well, there is a great difference in the age of Ashish and Ayesha, and this is the problem of their relationship.  Ashish and Ayesha live in a relationship with each other and Ashish decides that he will introduce Ayesha to his family who lives in India.  Now the trouble is that Ashish's relationship is not very good with his family members.  She is divorced and never made a good father for her children.  And that's why when Ashish and Ayesha arrive to meet her family, they become wild.  Now Ashish has to make his new relationship and also to improve old relationships.

 Talk about performance, Ajay Devgan and Rakul Preet Singh will not make you a lot more special.  While Ajay was lagging somewhere, at the same time, Rakul Preet Singh looked at him as if he had killed his lines.  In the film, Special Appearance actors like Jimmy Shergill, Sunny Singh and Javed Jaffrey were fantastic.  Apart from this, the role of Ajay Devgan's son in the role of the future was also good.  One of the most influential actors who will win your heart is Tabu.  Tabu's work is great and you will love it.

 Directed by Akiv Ali, this film might have been made in a good way.  Because the movie is good but there are many things that you will not like at all.  Jokes are good, supporting characters are good, cinematography is very good and costumes are also good.  But the dialogues of the film are quite bad.  There are some scenes from which you will not be able to get involved and will sit down by holding your head, that you just stop.  There are some sexist jokes, which do not arise the question of feeling good.

 Apart from this, it is difficult for me to say that there is no back story in the movie, that of Ayesha, the character of Raqul Preet Singh.  All are talking about Ashish's family, her wife, her children but there is no family of Ayesha.  There is no mention of where he came from, whose daughter is, what are his relations with his family.  The songs of the movie are good - Arjeet Singh's heart will cry, Armaan Malik's coming and Gary Sandhu's holi holi will appeal to you.

 Then you can see this movie made on the weekend, with good looser jokes, your shortcomings and great actors.