This Famous actress had received a massage offer in midnight, so was the answer.
Famous actress had received a massage offer in midnight, so was the answer

The glow of the film industry can be as bad and black from the outside, the more shining and breathtaking than the outside.  In this film industry you will find many people who do not withdraw from taking advantage of every situation.  From Bollywood to Hollywood, almost every film industry is struggling with problems like casting couch here.  Those people who are not aware of the casting couch, tell them that there is a person related to the film, like directors, producers, actors, etc, to offer work or to give any extra favors to build relationships.  Generally these problems have to face the new actress in the industry.

 But you must be surprised to know that Bollywood actresses are also those who have got such names in the industry even though they have more names.  Actually we are talking about Radhika Apte's  Radhika Apte, who has been known for her acting role in films such as 'Payman', 'Lost Stories' and 'Sacred Games', has become a popular name in Bollywood today.  These days, Radhika is busy shooting for her upcoming film 'Agadhdhun'.  Apart from this he also talks about Netflix with many web series.

 During a recent interview, Radhika has revealed a great deal about casting couch.  Radhika accepts that the actress has to face such problems in the industry.  In this way, she shares her personal experience, telling that during a film she has received a massage offer at midnight.
Radhika Apte

 Actually Radhika was doing a Hollywood movie during that time.  During the film shoot, he was also having a problem of baking pan.  In such a situation, a crew member of the film told Radhika that if she is suffering much, she can call her for a bake massage at night.  Radhika seemed a bit awkward to this point.  She got upset and complained to the film director and producer the next day.

 After the complaint, he assured Radhika that now it will not happen again.  After that the person started behaving well with Radhika.  Radhika says, 'Actually I was told later that offering a massage is a common thing in the culture of those people.  That person also gave these offers to me in the spirit of helping me. '

 Radhika further says, 'After this incident, that person was acting well with me.  He also apologized to me.  Now it is a matter of system of different places.  Such offers can be misinterpreted in our country, but in other countries it is common. "

 Let's say that many actresses of Bollywood have already accepted the casting couch.  These are still a black truth of the film industry which should soon end.