This father, along with the groom, started demanding, the bride's flying senses, all night
This father, along with the groom, started demanding, the bride's flying senses, all night

Sitapur  On the wedding day there are many arrows of the bride and groom, but if the Armaans get water on the day of marriage only then the marriage will be a problem.  Seeing the bride and groom's father who reached the bridegroom's door with a procession in Sitapur, the bride refused to marry.  When the girl did not marry, the procession returned to the barracks by the wooden door.  Even after refusing to marry the girl, the villagers also resorted to reconciliation agreements, but the bride kept on talking about herself.  The reason for denying the bride's marriage is also interesting.

 Father and groom's father reached school

 The case belongs to Jahangirabad village of Sadarpur Police Station area.  The marriage of Vishu Kumar's daughter Chandni, resident of the town, was decided on May 12 with Anup, son of Tirathram resident of Gaura Gajnipur village under Tehsil Fatehpur Police Station area of ​​Barabanki district.  According to the information received, the procession reached the door of the bridegroom with the entire legislation and after breakfast, the procession reached the wooden house for the entrance.  There, the groom and groom's father started drinking in the liquor of liquor and demanding gold and the commotion started on the same matter.  Due to both the bride and groom's father being drunk, the ruckus increased so much that the bride reached the bride and the bride refused to marry because of this act.

 No reconciliation even after Panchayat decision

 When the bride was told to refuse marriage, when the bridegroom came to know about it, there was a stir in the baratars present there, and the marriage of the reconciliation agreement lasted from late night till morning, but the bride was sticking to her point.  The panchayat was also convened on behalf of the bride's side, but the panchayat could not make any decision after hearing the bride's side and in the end the procession had to be withdrawn without the bride itself.