The father's secret cameras caught in the house, the shocking secret of the daughter reading 10th
The father's secret cameras caught in the house, the shocking secret of the daughter reading 10th

Money was disappearing from the vault of the trader.  There were only three people in the house, the husband-wife and their daughter.  The troubled businessman interrogated the daughter and wife, but nothing could be known.  If the businessman told his lawyer friend about the incident, then he would have quietly advised the dealer to install a CCTV camera.  Even after installing the CCTV camera in the house, it was a matter of concern, even the shocking truth came out in trouble.

 Daughter was only removing money from the vault

 Actually, the dealer's daughter was withdrawing money from the vault.  After Raj came in front of the school, the girl got scared and told the families crying.  The student said that a 12th student studying in the school has made his video and threatening to make the video viral by putting it on social media.  In exchange for not putting the video on the internet, he asked for money, then for the first time he stole it from the house and gave money, after which he continued blackmailing the student and he took away the money from the father's safe and gave it to him.

 For 8 lakh 35 thousand rupees

 According to the police, the amount of blmailing started from Rs 50 thousand.  After this, the student took the money in the installment of 25 thousand rupees and 50 rupees by raising the pressure, but when the money came down from the father's safe, the house was stirred.  Case after opening CCTV, open.  According to Tehar, given in the police station, the accused students are also supposed to be from the Sultur area of ​​Kareli police station area.  According to Tahrir, till now the student has given him 8 lakh 35 thousand rupees.

 Student absconding, looking for police

 After the raj opened, the father reached the police station with the daughter and in the case, the student was given Taharar in the police station, after which the FIR has been registered against the accused student.  Police tried to arrest the student, but he is absconding from the house.  In the case, the police say that investigation is underway.  The students of the school are not trying to bring their identity in fear of defamation.  We have got drowser, the student is absconded from the house, he will be able to get shelter after catching him.