Forecasting of the weather, two days to come, tremendous changes, be careful

Raipur.  Dronika effect from Chhattisgarh to Bihar is not visible in the capital.  In some areas of Southern Chhattisgarh, it has been receiving light rainfall.  Here again, the temperature has increased in the capital again three days later.  On Wednesday, the maximum temperature in the capital was 43.4 degrees, which was two degrees above normal.  On Tuesday, the maximum temperature in the capital was 42.1 degree.  On Wednesday, the maximum temperature in the state was recorded at 44.0 degrees in Bilaspur.

 According to the Meteorological 

Department, the Dronika effect is only in parts of the state.  On Wednesday, there was a rainfall of 3-3 cm in Sarangarh and Barmakela.  Apart from this, light rainfall was also recorded in some places in South Chhattisgarh.  At the same time, the maximum temperature has registered a slight increase in all the departments of the state.  Raipur, Bilaspur and Durg divisions are common in general and remaining common in the remaining divisions.

 Even on Thursday, there is a possibility of light rain with thunderstorm at one or two places in the state.  Two days later, the impact of the drooly will end.  After this, the maximum temperature is expected to increase.  On Thursday, the sky will remain mainly in the capital.  There is a possibility of partial cloudiness in the afternoon or evening.  The maximum temperature is likely to be around 43 degrees.

 Where is the temperature

 Raipur - 43.4 - 29.8.
 Maine Airport - 43.0- 29.4
 Bilaspur - 44.0- 27.4.
 Pendrador - 40.5 - 25.7.
 Ambikapur- 40.0- 25.2.
 Jagdalpur- 37.1-23.2.
 Durg- 43.9-29.2
 Rajnandgaon- 42.7-27.5