Gangrape from class 3 student, youth in procession

Two youths involved in an election rally in the Majola police station area of ​​Moradabad district on Tuesday afternoon, committed the gangrape incident to class three student.  He also tried to kill the throat.  The villagers who reached the shouting hit the accused on the spot.  After beating him fiercely, the police handed him over.  On the other hand, the villagers, agitated by the incident, stormed the police station and fiercely raged.  They were adamant on the demand for strict action against the accused.  The CO solves the villagers by explaining them.  Police late night arrested the second accused too.

 In the afternoon the procession was climbing.  Taking advantage of this, Diwali resident Sunil Kumar Sharma, who took part in the procession, took his fellow Naradesh Chaudhary class III student (age nearly seven years) to a seductive and led to the ruins.  Both of them raped the girl.  He also tried to slay him with a stroke.  After listening to the girl's cry, the village reached the spot.  He dumped the accused Sunil Kumar Sharma on the opportunity-A-Wardat.  Narada succeeded in the escape.  CO Civil told that the victim has been sent to the district hospital for medical treatment.  Late night the second accused was also arrested by the police.