Tiger Sheroff Is The Best Kisser, Ananya Said.
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 Actually we are talking about Karan Johar's film Student of the Year 2.  Tiger Shroff, Ananya Pandey and Tara Sutariya are in the lead role in this film.  The film trailer came in the past and the songs of the movie are being released these days.  The songs and trailer of the film are very much liked.  Presently, the film is being promoted by loudspeakers.  The stars of the film are going to the place and are promoting this film.

 On the other hand, Ananya Pandey is in the limelight because of this film.  Ananya and Tiger pair are very much liked by the viewer.  Recently three stars Tiger, Tara On Ananya, reached for a movie promotion on a radio show.  Tiger was asked to tell a thing in which he was the best.  Tiger immediately said that he does not know what he is best in.

 Tara said that they think that Tiger would say that he is best to do.  Now when it came out of Tara's mouth, Anya immediately said that I also agree with this.  After this Ananya then made a disclosure on this.  According to Anniya, when he leopold with Tiger in the movie, then straight away told his mother that Mummy was my first key.

 Never before did I ever do anything to anyone.  So I can not compare this to anyone.  That was my best kiss.  All of you hear this thing from Ananya.  Now whatever things are said in the matter, Ananya has said that she considers Tiger as the best player.

 Although the best Kisar title is in the industry, Emraan Hashmi is in the industry but according to Ananya, she does not seem to have anything less than Tiger.  Talking about the film, the film is being released on May 10.  The film is directed by Puneet Malhotra.