Who is ahead in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, according to Exit Polls

Once the polling ends in the last phase of the Lok Sabha election, there will be multiple exit polls.

 Estimate poll estimates are shocking in many cases.  In spite of the Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party combine in Uttar Pradesh, BJP has not been shown much harm.

 Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of Lok Sabha seats in the country.  Apart from the SP-BSP alliance, Congress was also in the field.  According to different Exit Polls, SP and BSP seem to be benefiting in comparison to 2014 but not as much expected.

 According to ABP News-Nielsen, BJP + seems to be sitting on 22 seats while SP-BSP combine seems to get 56 seats.  At the same time, Congress + will have to satisfy only on two.

 Likewise, according to exit poll of News X-Leader BJP + 34 seats, coalition 42 seats and Congress + four seats is estimated.

 Times Now-VMR has projected BJP + 58 seats.  In this exit poll, SP-BSP combine is estimated to get 20 seats and Congress + 2 seats.

 Sudarshan has projected 52 seats to BJP +, 26 seats to the coalition and only one seat in the Congress + account.

 According to exit poll for Republicans, BJP + 46 to 57 seats, coalition 21 to 32 seats and Congress + 2 to 4 seats is expected.

 Suvarna News has reported that BJP + 34 seats, SP-BSP combine has 26 seats and Congress + 3 seats.

 In almost all exit polls, the BJP has projected loss to Uttar Pradesh.  Last time, BJP had got 72 seats in Uttar Pradesh, where the exit poll was seen, the BJP seems to be falling down to 50 this time.

 What is the attitude of Bihar?

1.  Like Uttar Pradesh, everyone else's eyes are kept on the politics of another state.

2.  This state is Bihar, where there are a total of 40 seats.  Bihar is a state where there was a big coalition before the elections.

3.  According to Times Now VMR, the NDA is expected to get 30 seats and the UPA 10 seats in Bihar.

4. According to the public, NDA can get 29 seats, UPA 10 and others 1 seat.

 5. According to C-Voter, the NDA has been projected to win 33 seats and the UPA 7 to win.

 It is a matter of note that in the 2014 elections, Bihar had 32 seats in the NDA account.  This time, in Bihar, a major coalition was formed in which Congress and other parties were involved in the leadership of Lalu Prasad Yadav's Rashtriya Janata Dal.